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On-Site Training

Customized Training Presented at Your Location

The Aarcher Institute ensures that our regulatory training programs meet the specific needs of both the company and its selected audience.

The Institute’s professional training staff works with the client during program development to focus the program agenda and incorporate the client’s comments and content requirements into a preliminary program agenda. This agenda is coordinated with the training instructors selected to conduct each program for their review and comment. The Institute’s program developer and training instructors streamline the agenda into a final document that will ensure the client organization’s training objectives.

Informal customization can occur during the program given the training instructors’ in-depth knowledge of the environmental field and ability/flexibility to respond to the specific needs of the program participants during the question/answer and discussion sessions.

Aarcher Institute also welcomes the participation of personnel affiliated with your environmental management division to emphasize their role in the organization’s commitment to environmental excellence, and provide site-specific information, if needed. This format has been well received when utilized in numerous other training programs conducted by the Institute.

Institute instructors have a tremendous amount of experience providing private training to a long list of companies.

Virtual Attendance Option

If you have staff in multiple locations, any Aarcher Institute course can be presented live, online to enable staff members to participate remotely in a virtual team setting. Contact us to request more information.

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Institute environmental training experts are available to work with you to identify training goals and develop a course that fits the unique needs of your organization. To discuss your training goals and requirements, contact the Institute at 410-897-0037 or training@aarcherinstitute.com.