Frequently Asked Questions

Course Information

Q. Where are your courses held?
A. Our environmental training courses are held at various locations throughout the country. We personally select conference quality hotels to ensure a comfortable learning environment.

Q. How do I know if a course still has availability?
A. If a course is no longer has available, you will see “Sold Out” next to that particular course on our website.

Q. What does my registration fee cover?
A. Your registration fee covers all course materials, books, and morning and afternoon snacks. It does not cover lunches or your travel expenses or hotel accommodations.

Q. How do I confirm my registration?
A. Upon completion of your registration, you will receive an electronic confirmation. If you have any questions about your registration, please contact us at 410-897-0037.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Dress is casual. The temperature in the meeting rooms may vary, so make sure you bring a sweater or jacket to ensure your personal comfort.

Q. Can I purchase the course notes and books used in the training?
A. Course notes and books used during the training are included in your registration fee.

Q. What time does each session begin and end?
A. This depends on course and instructor. Please see agendas on the course description page for more information.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. We know that last minute emergencies do occur, so please call us as soon as your plans change. Contact us at 410-897-0037 for a copy of our cancellation policy.

Q. Have we received your payment?
A. If you have any questions regarding payment, please call us at 410-897-0037.

Q. Do you offer group discounts?
A. Yes, for large groups considering a custom, in-house course; or for more information, please call 410-897-0037.

Q. Do you offer continuing education units (CEUs), or continuing legal education (CLE) credits?
A. Yes, we do. A full listing of all course Accreditation can be found here.

Q. Is there homework?
A. No.

Q. Can I contact the instructors with questions after the course?
A. Yes. Our professional staff is available to any attendee who has questions after the course. We offer this service on a complementary basis out of appreciation for your business. Either call us at 410-897-0037 or email your question to

Q. Can I transfer to another course after I have already registered?
A. We can easily transfer you to another course or, if necessary, let you designate another person to take your place. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary changes to the name tags, roster sheet, etc.

Q. What if I have an emergency and need to leave the course?
A. We understand that emergency situations do arise and will make every effort to work with you by either refunding the cost of the days you did not attend or by arranging your transfer to another course.

Q. Do you offer classes in Spanish?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Do you offer online courses?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Do you offer in-house or on-site courses?
A. Yes, we offer customized in-house/on-site training for all of our courses. Please call 410-897-0037 for more information, or click here to complete the online request form.

Q. My office needs to be able to reach me at all times, and I need to know if it is okay to bring my cell phone or pager?
A. General courtesy rules apply to our courses. We request that attendees set their cell phones and pagers on the vibrate mode and leave the room while talking on the phone.

Q. If I lose my certificate, can you provide me with another copy?
A. Since we keep records of our attendees and the days attended, we will be able to replace your certificate. To expedite our search, please let our office staff know when and where you attended.

Q. How often do you update your training materials/desk references?
A. Aarcher Institute instructors keep abreast of current events impacting the environmental arena. Training materials are updated on a constant basis to keep up with ongoing changes.

Hotel and Venue Information

Q. Do I have to stay at the listed hotel in order to attend the course?
A. No, but we personally select hotels we think you’ll find appealing.  We think you’ll enjoy the convenience of staying at the course site and value the opportunity to interact with other attendees after the sessions.

Q. Does Aarcher Institute make my hotel reservations?
A. No. We provide you with the hotel’s website.

Q. Can you help me find alternate hotels near the course site?
A. Please call us at 410-897-0037 and we will try to assist you. You may also click on course locations provided in the course description for additional information about individual locations.

Q. Does the hotel accept government per diem rates?
A. In most cases, the hotels have set aside a limited number of rooms at government per diem rates. They are available on a first come, first served basis for reservations made prior to the hotel reservation cutoff date.

Q. Does the hotel provide free parking?
A. It varies by hotel.

Q. How far is the hotel from the airport?
A. Directions from the airport to the hotel can be found on the specific location page for each course. For additional information, please call the hotel.

Q. Do I need a rental car or is a hotel shuttle available to and from the airport?
A. For specific transportation information, please call the hotel.

Q. Are your courses held at the same locations and hotels each year?
A. Our locations and hotels may change from year to year. New locations, hotels, and dates are uploaded to as soon as contracts are finalized.

Q. Can you provide directions from the airport to the hotel site?
A. Generally, you can get the best directions by contacting the hotel directly. Our course location pages also include directions. If you need our help, just contact us at 410-897-0037 and we will try to provide you with adequate information.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail us at